Regency Recovery Aftercare

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention is a cognitive behavioral approach included in the individual’s tailor-made treatment plan with the goal of identifying possible triggers and preventing relapse once discharged from the program. Relapse prevention is a tool used to help the individual understand their triggers and identify early warning signs of relapse. We have created strategies and skills to prevent or reduce the probability of relapse. This will ensure the person has a much better chance at staying sober after treatment.


Aftercare is a crucial component to an individual’s recovery and wellness journey. An aftercare plan will be developed for every individual which will include, attending 12-step AA/NA meetings, finding a sponsor, a job and a safe place to live which could be transitional housing or sober living. It will also include continuation of medication maintenance and a therapist or counselor to continue to treat any co-occurring disorders. Relapse Prevention and Aftercare planning is essential for a smooth transition back into the community and a successful recovery and wellness journey.

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