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Are you looking for more information about Prescott detox services? When it comes to combatting drug use disorder, everyone possesses different needs. Substance abuse disorder is the condition when frequent alcohol or drug use becomes problematic and result in the prominent distress. Sometimes quitting drug or alcohol use can trigger severe withdrawal symptoms. Such symptoms may negatively affect the mind and body. This is why the detox process is an important start to recovery.

Prescott Drug Rehab Helpline
Drug Rehab Helpline Prescott AZ

What is detox? Are the severe withdrawal symptoms associated with it? Can it take place at your home? How detox help you to stabilize your body? Are all these questions popping up in your mind? Regency Recovery Wellness Center  can answer these top concerns.

The detox process usually occurs at both inpatient and outpatient facilities, based on the severity of the addiction and associated symptoms. For combatting a more severe form of addiction where mental and medical issues are also present, the inpatient detox program is preferred.  

prescott arizona drug detox
Prescott arizona drug detox

What is Prescott Detox Services?

Detox is the process of removing traces of drugs and/or alcohol from the body, ensuring that the individual can easily start the therapy and become physically stable.

The main principle of the detox process is the when someone does not feel physically well may have to struggle with many mental issues. Therefore, detox’s goal is to first control the physical side of the addiction, afterward, tackle the psychological issues related to addiction in a Prescott arizona detox.

Drug and alcohol addiction results in the penetration of harmful substances into the body system. The detox gradually reduces and removes these substances, and later it becomes difficult for the brain to deal with this sudden drop of chemicals. As a result, drug addicts experience various unpleasant symptoms called withdrawal symptoms.

The bad impact of withdrawal symptoms minimizes the detox process and renders it a safe and comfortable experience. The best form of detox is done under medical assistance by trained professionals. The Prescott detox center offers you a supervision and experience under nurses, doctors, and medical staff. Attempting detox at your home is likely to result in unnecessary withdrawal symptoms, that can be harmful and in some cases deadly. 

alcohol detox prescott arizona
Prescott Arizona alcohol detox

Alcohol detox Prescott AZ

If you’re a heavy drinker, alcohol detox is a critical step in your recovery process. The process can be very uncomfortable, but you can find solace in the knowledge that there are many ways to get help. Most alcohol detox centers provide inpatient services, so you can be supervised while getting the help you need.

When undergoing alcohol detox, it’s essential to get the right medical care to monitor the patient’s progress. Some people are more sensitive than others and may be at a greater risk of experiencing the difficult symptoms. The medical team will be monitoring the person 24 hours a day to make sure that they’re not falling ill. In some cases, controlled medication is necessary to control some withdrawal symptoms, but it’s not a cure-all.

People who have a history of heavy drinking are more likely to experience negative side effects while going through detox. This is dangerous, as the long-term use of alcohol can result in biological changes and tolerance. Additionally, the effects of long-term alcohol use can create a false homeostasis, which is very difficult to disrupt. To mitigate the symptoms, the treatment will include medications that mimic the effects of alcohol and reduce the discomfort associated with withdrawal.

One form of alcohol detox is ambulatory outpatient treatment. This approach requires supervised care by credentialed nurses, and is one option to withdraw from alcohol. While an ambulatory outpatient service is an option, a medical detox facility will be the best choice for most people. However, the duration of an alcohol detox depends on the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, and a physician’s advice is key.

There are three stages of alcohol detox. The first phase is the withdrawal, and it is typically completed in a week. There are also mild to moderate symptoms that occur during Stages 2 and 3 and can last up to a few weeks. Thankfully, most of these symptoms are temporary and can be easily treated with the right medical care. If the withdrawal is prolonged, you may even need more treatment. You’ll need to visit a doctor for counseling and medical supervision.

Inpatient alcohol detox is the most effective way to recover from alcohol addiction. It will allow you to get sober while simultaneously treating your alcohol problems. This is a great way to avoid relapse and to help you recover from the trauma of alcoholism. If you don’t want to go through the process of withdrawal, consider a medically assisted program. Some treatment centers even offer benzodiazepines, which will help with withdrawal symptoms and help you stay sober.

Drug Rehab Helpline Prescott AZ
Drug Rehab Helpline Prescott AZ

What drugs require medically assisted Prescott detox center?

Here are some of the substances that require treatment for potential withdrawal symptoms.

1.     Opioids

For a long time, opioids are extracted from the poppy plant and used to treat chronic pain. They are directly derived from plants like heroin, codeine, and morphine. These are usually synthetic drugs that work in the same manner as opiates like hydromorphone or oxycodone.

Since the activity of opioids is similar to the body’s natural endorphin, making the body dependent on the external opioids. Lack of these opioids in the body may result in the withdrawal symptoms like nausea, vomiting, clammy skin, anxiety, and muscle aches.

2.     Alcohol

In the human body, alcohol directly acts on the central nervous system, which controls automated body functions like heart rate, stress response, blood pressure, and body temperature. Therefore, alcohol withdrawal can cause a rise in blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, anxiety, and tremors. In some serious cases, the withdrawal from alcohol can cause hallucinations and seizures. The delirium tremens is probably the most serious form of alcohol withdrawal.

3.     Prescription drugs

Most people consume a high dose of prescription drugs to seek immediate relief from stress. Addiction to prescription drugs such as gabapentin, muscle relaxants, and sleep medications is common. Each type shows unique withdrawal symptoms, but muscle relaxants and gabapentin shows effects similar to the alcohol.

4.     Benzodiazepines

These are commonly known as sedatives that are used to treat seizures and anxiety. Their chemical effects on the body are similar to alcohol. The most common benzodiazepines are diazepam, alprazolam, clonazepam, and lorazepam.   

Prescott detox services
Prescott detox services

Can the drug detox process treat addiction?

It’s important to know that only completing a Prescott drug detox is not enough to treat drug addiction. The addiction involves both physical and psychological problems, and the patient needs psychotherapeutic treatment for the maximum benefits. Usually, such treatments address the process of cravings and mental alterations that occur due to long-standing drug abuse.

A detox might allow the patient to quit abusing drugs or alcohol for a short time, but the risk of relapse raises greatly without therapy and follow-up. This is actually the first step towards the process of recovery, and at the detox center, all the symptoms are thoroughly monitored to make the patient feel comfortable.

The risk associated with quitting cold turkey

The process of self-detox is usually known as quitting cold turkey. This process doesn’t require medical intervention, and in some cases, it can also result in the fatalities such as people on benzodiazepines, methadone, or longtime alcohol abuser. The abusers of such highly addictive drugs always require a medically supervised detox program.

Some other drugs like meth, cocaine, and herion lead to an unpleasent withdrawal process, but rarely cause fatalities, but still, they come up with serious problems for the individual quitting cold turkey. A serious risk of this self-detox process is the relapse factor. The body’s tolerance for abused substances decreases, and if the previous substances are again introduced into the body, the risk of overdose increases which may lead to death.

Prescott detox services process

The essential components are required for the professional drug and alcohol detox.

1.     Evaluation

The medical staff in the hospitals in obliged to thoroughly evaluate the psychological and physical condition of the patient. Initially, they might access acute intoxication, biomedical condition, and withdrawal potential of the patient. For such kind of assessment, the health care personnel develop a specialized treatment plan for each individual and provide detoxification level of care.    

2.     Stabilization

When the professionals follow the individualized treatment plan, they use specific medications to provide a safe withdrawal experience.

3.     Encouraging patient towards long term drug abuse treatment

The long-term drug abuse treatment increases the sustainability of the person and allows him to avoid relapse. Detox alone is insufficient to ensure the complete recovery of the person because it doesn’t give a discourse to social and psychological aspects of the treatment. The main purpose of detoxification is to gear up the patient for the next phase of rehabilitation, which might include outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment.

These are some of the essential components of the detox process. However, the duration of treatment and goals of the detoxification process may vary from person to person. The detoxification must be carried out at a professional detoxification facility using proper medications that can manage withdrawal symptoms effectively.

Regency Recovery Wellness Center works with detox facilities for those looking for a recovery center in Prescott, AZ. What distinguishes the best detox centers beyond being properly accredited is advanced detox services such as the following:

Prescott detox center
Prescott detox center

Detox and tapering

Tapering is the process of weaning a person off the drugs to minimize the withdrawal symptoms. This process involves nurses administering the medications and slowly reducing their doses followed by a certain schedule. The technique is most effective for the use of medications for benzodiazepine, opioid, and alcohol withdrawal. For tapering, the clinical professional must use their best judgment in a drug detox environment also use tools while making the decision.

Drug detox and withdrawal symptoms

Initially, the detox process might be challenging for many patients, and medical staff can provide effective support. For instance, opioid addicts may experience several withdrawal symptoms after many hours of heroin intake. The common withdrawal symptoms are

  • Agitation
  • Muscle aches
  • Sweating
  • Sleeplessness
  • Runny nose
  • Watery eyes
  • Anxiety and depression

These symptoms are not fatal but may be quite uncomfortable for the patient. So the patient must seek medical or psychiatric care for the complete detoxification of the drugs. Within the first few hours of detox, many issues may arise. The patient and physician should address the most threatening first and then take steps for complete stabilization. The common issues are

  1. Increase in violence: some drugs can raise violence in users. For instance, people who increasingly take bath salts or cathiones might cause harm to themselves. Such patients, when becoming a danger to others, might need sedatives to restrain their activity. Sedatives and hypnotics should only be given when the patients show physical aggression.
  2. Injury: under the influence of a drug or before entering detox, mostly patients hurt themselves. For instance, the dissociative drug phencyclidine (PCP) can lead to a rise in invulnerability and high strength. The PCP users believe that they won’t get hurt, and this misconception causes harm to them. The risks of suicides rise in them, which can cause injury in case suicide is not accomplished.
  3. Severe depressive symptoms: the withdrawal symptoms of opioids and other substances might also be associated with serious symptoms of depression that might urge the person towards suicide. Strict protection should be provided to such people because they are more likely to attempt suicide.
  4. Psychosis: some the drugs like cocaine usually lead to dangerous complications known as psychosis. The excess usage of cocaine make the person paranoid and result in the full-blown psychosis. The common symptoms of psychosis are delusions, auditory and visual hallucinations. Any mental issue like schizophrenia and insomnia also lead to psychosis. The psychotic patient may become unpredictable. So address the problem before treating the drug addiction.

Once you solve these problems and the patient gets stabilized, move on to dealing with drug addiction.   

Drug detox and pregnancy

A pregnant woman is highly motivated to stop using drugs for the health and life of her baby. She knows that taking unnecessary drugs or drinking alcohol will not only cross the placenta to harm her baby but also harm her. If the detox is done cold turkey, it can  be dangerous because it can stress the baby like serious fetal distress and preterm labor.

Pregnant women should seek the help of a medical professional for the detox process, as there are high chances for withdrawal symptoms that negatively affect the fetus. The main purpose of detox in pregnant women is to avoid health issues for them and their unborn child.

Types of drug Prescott detox programs

The rehab has a close connection with the Prescott drug detox programs because after completing detox the patient with enter the next level of rehabilitation. The basic types of drug detox programs are as follows;

·       Inpatient:

In an inpatient setting, a patient needs to live at the detox clinic, hospital, or rehabilitation center until completing the process. The medical staff will provide you the care around the clock.

·       Outpatient:

During outpatient treatment, the patient needs to stay at home for the treatment. He may only have to visit the medical advisor for regular medical checkups.

The patient may seek more services in the inpatient settings, but it is usually expensive. Outpatient option tends to cost less, and the person with mild to moderate alcohol withdrawal stay safe at such setting. If you are physically and mentally stable, this works best because home is the safest place to get stable.

Rehab programs comprise of several services, from counseling to medical care that may prevent relapse.

Inpatient treatment is the most common, inpatient works best for people suffering from substance abuse for an extended period of time.

Rehabilitation rehab

The drug rehab center usually lasts for 1 to 3 months. If you are commited as much care and therapy as possible, then a long term program is the best choice for you.

If you are stable and are not at a high risk for a relapse, you can move to a long term sober living at home.

Day treatment or partial hospitalization is carried out when you live at home but visits the hospital or clinic at least 5 days per week. Nowadays, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many hospitals have started telehealth programs. It is considered an alternative to inpatient treatment options.

Intensive outpatient treatment consists of scheduled visits to the center that are more detailed than traditional outpatient programs. You may experience this after detox, rehab, or partial hospitalization. 

Drug detox near me Prescott AZ
Drug detox near me Prescott AZ

How to select a program?

Prepare the list of your needs. For instance, if you are having some mental or medical health problems, you will need specific services. Or you have such issues for years and don’t find any support network; an inpatient program suits you best.

Afterward, consider the quality and cost of the services. Ideally, look for a program that is licensed, high success rate, and also affordable. Before entering different programs, you might have to ask yourself some questions such as;

  1. What type of insurance do you prefer?
  2. Do you offer both medical services and counseling?
  3. How do you assist avoid a relapse?
  4. Can you give me your sample treatment plan?
  5. Do you also provide aftercare?    

How long does the drug detox process last?

Normally the drug detox process lasts for about 7 to 10 days, but the time may vary from individual to individual. The factors that decide about the time required for detox are;

The patient’s physical and mental functioning: the genetic makeup, body chemistry, and metabolic rate of the patient help determine the severity of withdrawal symptoms.   

Frequency of drug use: the longer and more frequent use of the drug is more likely to results in physical dependency or physical reliance. The regular use of benzodiazepines for only 6 to 8 weeks develops physical dependency.

Amount of drug/alcohol consumption: the use of heavier substances offers rapid tolerance as the body needs to take immediate measures to adapt to the high amount of drug.

After detox, people should move ahead to the rehab center to get intensive psychological therapy. 28 days normally take for the complete alcohol and drug rehab program.    

Is drug detox treatment safe and effective?

For treating substance withdrawal symptoms, drug detox is an effective and safe method of removing the toxins or drug remnants from the body. The medical specialists and experienced clinical staff supervise the entire process and manage the addiction. For many drugs, the fluctuation in blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature may occur due to withdrawal. So it’s compulsory that nursing staff closely monitor the vital signs.

What is home drug detox?

A home drug detox is the detoxification of the body by the prescribed medications in the comfort of home. It may seem appealing, but the home detox process comes up with serious drawbacks. Firstly you have to find someone, either friend or relative, to stay with you during the entire process. If you are not in a protected environment, you might be continuously tempted by alcohol and drug use.

A home drug detox is more suitable for individuals who have a proper support system 24/7.     

Final Points

Entering a Prescott detox is just required at the start of addiction treatment. The use of detoxification alone is insufficient. Besides this, drug addicts need psychological treatment to cope up with their addiction. The counseling, inpatient rehab program, and support groups must accompany this. So follow the treatment plan after drug detox.

Are you thinking of taking the first step towards stopping drug abuse? Hurry up and reach out to your nearby Prescott arizona detox and enjoy a healthier life.